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I saw a dream like this

in this world, a group of people(3-4 people) swap their life about every half year.

good thing is when you face with something bad or difficult, you can switch your life with someone else. bad thing is you cannot remember anything of your life, and people forget about you also.

I swapped life many times and I found you after several life. We met on a cruising ship. You were an instructor of swimming, diving, and jet skiing. at that time, your outlook was not the one i know.Your face looked exactly like Jessica Alba. your hair was blond, and you had a shorter and kind of voluptuous body.

I waited in front of the shower booth while you were changing. We didn't remember each other and of course that we were in love several life before, long time before we started swapping the life. However it seems both of us had a special instinct to get to know at the first sight. We were like lovers without knowing anything about each other but know that we are lovers.

I peeked at you from the slip of the curtain like a teenage boy. your body was amazingly sexy (definition of "Playboy" girl's sexy ), and you have 3 or 4 tattoo on your thigh. (to be honest they were not that cool.) I felt a bit sorry because you have changed a lot while we were separated and swapping the life. however, you on your bikini was just astonishing.

After a while we were talking before lunch with 2 other men, your boobs become bigger and bigger, and finally it looks like a cow's breast. 3 of gentlemen, us, were trying not to stare at them, but this was really a difficult mission.

I never thought in this way, but I love you in another life as well.



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