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Drive Canopy





敷地面積 184㎡

延床面積 90㎡


設計 Takashi Niwa Architects



 この建築が交番というプログラムの枠を超え、街の歴史と風景をつなぐ新しいシンボルとなり、この街の発展を導きサポートすることを願って「DRIVE CANOPY」と名付けた。

Drive Canopy

Fukuyama Higashi, Hiroshima, Japan



Police box

Site Area  184㎡

GFA          90㎡


Architect   Takashi Niwa Architects

This pavilion is a proposal from competition for the police box in Fukuyama, a city in the Chugoku region of Japan with thriving steel industry.

 In proposing, we focused on the roof, as the roadside folly called “Tsujido”, which originated in Fukuyama and has been popular for nearly 400 years, has provided space under the roof for resting and gathering among people. To make this roof (Grand eave) a symbol and also easy to recognize from a distance, we designed this roof to rise toward the station. This shape also expresses the sense of speed of the site, which can be felt when driving along this road and passing by and seeing the dynamic change of the curved grand eave every moment. At night, the grand eave is illuminated by interactive lighting art and comes to life. It will become a landmark of modern “Tsujido” in the city where people can gaze, gather, and stay close to each other.

  We named the building "DRIVE CANOPY" in the hope that it will transcend the framework of the police box program, become a new symbol that connects the history and landscape of the city, and drive the redevelopment of the city.

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