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In between Curves
1_Whole building_TRC_6811.jpg
In between Curves




敷地面積 260㎡

建築面積 220㎡

延床面積 220㎡


​設計 Takashi Niwa Architects

写真 Trieu Chien


  ベトナムの文化では、人々は路上でお茶を飲み、日常のコミュニケーション、または単にリラックスする。人がいるところには、さらに人が集まり、賑やかになる。 路上での混沌としたアクティビティは、実のところコミュニティを維持するためのスペースを提供するシステムなのである。


In between Curves

Hanoi, Vietnam


Office renovation

Site Area  260㎡

BA            220㎡

GFA          220㎡

Interior project (RC)

Architect   Takashi Niwa Architects

Photographer Trieu Chien

 The building stands in a newly developed area for mass housing and small offices. Alike most of the modernized cities in South East Asia, this area is clean and well organized with Rectangle buildings. As a result, People, their activities, and its vibrancy are hidden inside the building in comparison with other areas of the city where normally many things are exposed on the street chaotically.

 In Vietnamese culture, people drink tea on the street and appreciate daily communication, or simply chilling. Where there are people, there will be more people coming, and it will be more vibrant. The chaotic activity on the street offers space to maintain the community.

 This project aims to bring back this dynamism and energy of the city to the newly developed area with a cafe and a rooftop garden and revitalize the cultural context.





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